Issue 39

Re-Thinking Scale: Trans- and Inter- Disciplinary Perspectives

Yilver Mosquera-Vallejo, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Debates over geographical scale in the anglophonic world Andrew Herod of Georgia, Abstract: Debates about geographical scale have dramatically shaped anglophonic human geography in the past three decades. Two principal sets of questions have been at the forefront of discussion: what is the ontological status of scale?; and how do the ways in which we imagine that the world is scaled […]

Beyond Housing: The Metamorphosis of Brazilian Sem-Teto Movement’s Struggle and Scalarity

Matheus Grandi, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

A Geographic Look at Scale as an Tool to Build Reality

Cristina Valenzuela, Conicet / Universidad Nacional del Nordeste

Global Policies, Local Responses: Scales, Housing, and Habitat in Arica, Chile

Rodrigo Hidalgo Dattwyler, Carlos Vergara Constela, Miguel González Rodríguez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Spatial imaginaries and the politics of scale in Colombia

Alba Griffin, Nick Morgan, Newcastle University

Ritornello, Scale, and Repoliticization of Urban Fight in Santiago de Chile: A Reflection for Scalar Analysis (1984–2021)

Alex Paulsen E., Universidad Bernardo O´Higgins

Return in Migration Flows. Spatial Configuration and Migration Selectiveness in the Department of Atlántico (Colombia)

Alex Paulsen E., Universidad Bernardo O´Higgins

The Synecdoches of Living Heritage in Bogota’s Historic Center. Exploring a Shared Production of Scale

Manuel Salge Ferro, Alessandra Puccini Montoya, Universidad Externado de Colombia

Fainting Representation and Scalar Transition in (Post)Dictatorial Chile in Nostalgia de la luz and Colectivo Acciones de Arte

Alberto López Cuenca, Renato Bermúdez Dini, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla / Universidad Iberoamericana

Narrative Scales: Spacializing Memory on Mapuche Land

Mariel Bleger, Universidad Nacional de Río Negro

Beyond the “Protocol”: Afro-Argentinian Women and the Public Production of Memories

Paola c. Monkevicius, Conicet/Universidad Nacional de La Plata

New and Old Fight Arenas: Mass (Mis)Information Media and Social Media Platforms as Devices Legitimizing Meatism and Delegitimizing the Animal Rights Movement

Alexandra Navarro, Anahí Méndez, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba / Universidad de Buenos Aires

Social Loneliness, Emotional Balance, and Dispositional Optimism in Elderly People Living or not in Institutions in the city of Bogotá

Iván Fernando Amaya Cocunubo, Luz Helena Gómez Verano, Nahyr Remolina de Cleves, Bertha Marlene Velásquez Burgos, Lola Rosalía Saavedra Guzmán, Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca / Fundcrea Colombia / U.D.C.A /

Regimes of Memory and Political and Social Uses of the Past. A Conversation With Mario Rufer

Cristóbal Gnecco & Mario Rufer, Universidad del Cauca / Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana -Xochimilco