Call for Papers

Thematic Issue 40 (September 2021)

Becoming-Dog. Multi-species Ethnographic Approaches Around Companion Animals

Guest Editors: Celeste Medrano, Anthropological Sciences Institute / Conicet
Leonardo Montenegro, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca

Thematic Issue 41 (December 2021)

The Colombian Pacific and Black Communities after the signing of the Peace Agreements: contributions to the field of Afro-Colombian studies

Guest Editor: Angela Yesenia Olaya Requene, PhD Afro-Latin American Research Institute Harvard University

Thematic Issue 42 (March 2022)

Discussions around Southern Marxisms and Decolonial/Anticolonial Thoughts

Guest editors: Ramón Grosfoguel, University of California, Berkeley, Néstor Kohan Universidad de Buenos Aires y Javier García-Fernández, Universidade de Coimbra / Universidad de Granada

Thematic Issue 43 (June 2022)

Collaborative and Committed Ethnographies in Ibero-America

Guest Editors: Leticia Katzer, Conicet / Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina, Yanett Segovia, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela, Gunther Dietz, Universidad Veracruzana, México y Aurora Álvarez Veinguer, Universidad de Granada, España