General description

Tabula Rasa is a peer-reviewed biannual journal sponsored by Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca (Bogotá, Colombia), working in the field of Social Sciences, particularly in the disciplines of Anthropology, History, Sociology, Social Work, Human Geography, and Cultural Studies. Therefore, it targets audiences interested in these fields, and spreads research, reflection on targeted issues, literature reviews, conference papers, book reviews, and discussions within the disciplines we cover.


Tabula Rasa intends to help build social knowledge and academic networks, by publishing theoretical and empirical research reports, which are a vehicle for socializing research on the journal’s fields of interest.

Author Guidelines

Tabula Rasa follows the open access policy for all papers published. Therefore, articles may be totally or partially reproduced, as long as they are used for scholar purposes and source is properly quoted, under Creative Commons guidelines (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC- ND; examples/licensing-examples/#by-nc- nd). Besides the printed version, a fully open-access online version is available. Given this, authors published Tabula Rasa implicitly agree to publish under this policy, thus contributing to free knowledge spread. Tabula Rasa is published in Spanish, following APA ( standards for scientific papers. Tabula Rasa does not ask their authors to transfer their copyrights on papers published, norit charges on article processing.

Copyrights Reserved

Any document appearing in this publication may be reproduced totally or partially, provided the source is properly cited and it is been used with scholar purposes. This journal and all of its contents are protected under a Creative Commons license Attribution-Non commercial-Non derivative works 4.0 International.