Adriano Díez

José Manuel Romero

José Francisco Márquez

Alex Paulsen Espinoza
Universidad Bernardo O´Higgins, Chile  


This study aims to analyze the spatial configuration, magnitude, and sociodemographic characterization of return flows, by observing migratory flow typologies in the department of Atlántico. This article intends to bring geographic theory closer to return studies, concerning positioning, spatial mobility, and selectiveness patterns in migratory profiles. In the light of the diverse research approaches, several statistical, bibliographic, documentary sources, and spatial analysis were mixed. Data analysis was addressed in three stages: space-time dimension, location patterns, and selectiveness of sociodemographic features. Findings show the massive prominence of return in the Atlántico department, as characterized by a linear South-South two-way path, which is associated to the intense migration flows from Venezuela, along with some territorial location patterns in the immigration-return correlation, and a positive selection of return feminization in migratory profile.

Keywords: return, migratory flows, scales, selectiveness, Atlántico, Colombia.