Manuel Salge Ferro
Universidad Externado de Colombia

Alessandra Puccini Montoya
Universidad Externado de Colombia


This article presents, discusses, and expands the outcome of the cultural immaterial heritage component in the Special Plan for the Management and Protection of Bogota’s Historic City Center. To do that, the article turns to identify synecdoches as an exercise of abstraction of the manifold ways the heritage apparatus and social agency interact and articulate themselves. Particularly, the concept of scale is used to present and make sense of this approach. Also, an ethnographic approach is applied, turning to the study of farmers’ marketplaces, Bolívar square, and Monserrate hill so as to ground the discussion.

Keywords: cultural heritage, social construction of scale, Bogota’s historic city center, Special Heritage Management and Protection Plan, farmers’ markets, Bolívar square, Monserrate hill.