Mariel Verónica Bleger
Conicet / Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro, Argentina


Drawing from several works carried out with Mapuche communities immersed in territorial conflicts, this work deploys resistance strategies and modes, along with the overlapping of three narrative scales those territories contain. Firstly, the nation State narrative and its expropriation mechanisms. Secondly, the narrative scale of every Mapuche family who was able to survive ethnic cleansing undertaking in early 19th century. Thirdly, the narrative gathering the individual paths of those who are devoted to recover their ancestors’ territories. The notion of narrative scales helps us understand national, community, and individual paths, spacialize the works of memory, where Mapuche people are not only fighting over territory itself, but also how they figure it out.

Keywords: scales, memory, Mapuche people, Mapuche women.