Issue 41

Violence on Pets as a Marker of Gender-Based Violence

Carmen Caravaca-Llamas, Universidad de Alicante, España
José Sáez-Olmos, Universidad de Murcia, España

Family as a Territorial Setting for Cultural Transmission of Peace

Astrid Bibiana Rodríguez Cortés, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Colombia
Hernán Rodríguez Villamil, Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, Colombia
Yuri Alicia Chávez Plazas, Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia

Measuring Racism or Deciphering its Rationale? A Contribution from a Spanish Setting

Luca Sebastiani, Paula Martín-Godoy y Antonia Olmos-Alcaraz, Universidad de Granada, España

The Humanities of the Anthropocen from Donna Haraway and Rosi Braidotti’s View

Verónica Araiza Díaz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Condemned to Banishment? Crossings and Confinements Among Black Communities in Colombian Pacific

Angela Yesenia Olaya Requene, Harvard University, USA

Biocoloniality and Eco-Gene-Ethnocide in Buenaventura. Som Contributions to the Bio-centric Turn in Afro-Reparation and Environmental Justice

Yilson J. Beltrán-Barrera, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Caribe

The Ethics of Care and the Construction of Peace: Re-Existence Strategies Among Black Rural Women in Ladrilleros and Juanchaco, Municipality of Buenaventura

Alejandra del Rocío Bello-Urrego, Universidad del Tolima, Colombia

All Violences: Social Conversations on Conflict in the Cauca Pacific Coast

Carlos Enrique Osorio Garcés y Tulio Andrés Clavijo Gallego, Universidad del Cauca, Colombia

From Peasant Settlers to Black Communities, from Guerrilla Regulation to State Regulation

Claudia Quijano Mejía, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Black Communities, Territorial Peace, and Resistances Along the Atrato River

Andrés García Sánchez, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

Economy of Death and Youthcide in Pacific Town El Charco, in Nariño, Colombia

Gustavo Santana-Perlaza Universidad del Quindío, Colombia  Abstract This article performs a critical situated approach to the events, moments and the day-to-day of the relations between violent deaths and young people in El Charco, Pacific region in the Colombian department of Nariño, as well as a pauperization of Afro-descendant populations. Drawing from the fundamentals […]

The Colombian Pacific and Black Communities after the Signing of the Peace Agreement: Contributions to the Field of Afro-Colombian Studies

Angela Yesenia Olaya Requene, Harvard University, USA