Alejandra del Rocío Bello-Urrego
Universidad del Tolima, Colombia


This article stems from the research project “Female bodies and power in Colombian Pacific: The case of Women’s Association Ébano (Ebony)”, carried out in Ladrilleros and Juanchaco, at the town of Buenaventura. This work inquired over women’s cultural breakups driven by the arrival of groups alien to their communities throughout the last 70 years. By fighting over a place in the territory, those groups pushed shifts in their forms of cultural socialization and economic organization. By applying the techniques of life histories and body-mapping, we analyzed the different ways in which women have resisted those shifts in their cultural dynamics, with Ebony being an ultima example of agency strategies deployed by women. This article addresses the discussion of these research results in the light of the role of caregiving in Black rural women’s agency strategies in the Colombian Pacific throughout the time of Peace Accords undersigned in 2016.

Keywords: Body, cultural studies, feminism, Colombian Pacific region.