Yilson J. Beltrán-Barrera 
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Caribe


Adopting a new approach that I will define here as a hermeneutics of relational ontologies, I intend to analyze the effects of eco-gene-ethnocidal practices against Black communities from the High and Mid Dagua River Basin Community Council (in Buenaventura, Colombia, rural areas) on changes undergone by their relation to territory and the emergence of new subjectivities, amid armed conflict in Colombia. This is done under an anti-racist, decolonial, and bio-centric perspective of bio coloniality. We aim to bring several analytic and methodological elements to think about Afro-reparation and to contribute to the advancement of the field, along with environmental and the Council’s claims for reparation.

Keywords: bio coloniality, eco-gene-ethnocide, relational ontologies, Afro-reparation, integral historic-environmental justice.