Carmen Caravaca-Llamas>
Universidad de Alicante, España

José Sáez-Olmos
Universidad de Murcia, España


This documentary qualitative research aims to inquire if scientific literature studies violence towards pets by attackers who previously exerted gender-based violence on their female masters, as a typology of chauvinist violence, and as such, as a factor to look for and assess. The results obtained from the analysis of the documentary corpus show such a connection actually exists, however it is not mentioned in most of practitioner’s instruments and protocols. The most significant finding from this study is a solid ground to include violence on pets as a social factor to be looked for and considered when studying chauvinist violence, and an invitation to reflect upon the need to adapt protection resources for victims.

Keywords: Gender-based violence, domestic violence, environmental gender violence, physical abuse, pets, companion animals, animal abuse, markers, documentary review.