Issue 18

Intergenerationality and multigenerationality in aging and old age

Alicia Judith Beltrán Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia Adalver Rivas Gómez Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia Abstract: This paper provides an approximation to the issue of intergenerational relations, from the perspective of aging and old age as a way to face the challenges involved in population growth. In this context, a […]

A phenomenology of motives in solving the dilemmas social workers face in their professional practice

Uva Falla Ramírez Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia Sandra del Pilar Gómez Contreras Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia Ramiro Rodríguez Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia Abstract: This paper describes the motives social workers adduce to solve the dilemmas they face in their professional practice. This description builds upon A. […]

Female headships: an overview to feminisation of poverty and responsibility among families displaced by violence

Yuri Romero-Picón Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia Yuri Chávez-Plazas Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia Abstract: The authors explore the issue of female headships in a group of women who were displaced by violence and came to live in distressed neighborhoods in Soacha municipality, Colombia. There, challenges like low schooling, underpaid jobs, affective issues, and […]

This neighborhood is worth a lot of money… ¡¡but it is not on sale!! — Urban imaginaries in Getsemaní neighborhood in Cartagena de Indias

Alexander Pérez Álvarez Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia Abstract: This reflection is the result of a semiotic approach to discourses and practices by dwellers and visitors to Getsemani neighborhood in the city of Cartagena. A context historically besieged by slashing exclusionary practices, and more recently by accelerated territorial urbanizing and corporatization processes, that have increasingly […]

Physionomy of Decolonial Metaphysics: The Damné, Identity Without a Narrative

Javier Franzé Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España Abstract: This paper aims to show the essentialism of Walter Mignolo’s reflection in The Idea of Latin America. One such essentialism does not consist of considering subaltern communities as pure or uncontaminated, nor all of its members (the damné) as endowed with some definite and ahistorical traits, […]

Cartographies of intimate life in the 1960’s Colombia

Maribel Florián Buitrago Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia Abstract: In this article, some ethical guidelines ruling sex and loving behavior in Colombia. In spite of being intended to strengthen family institution, those guidelines brought about crucial differences in understanding this phenomenon. Each of these, in manifold ways, compelled individuals to become moral subjects concerning their […]

Hegemonic, subaltern and/or alternative aesthetic models —A class and gender ethnic-racial approach

Vanessa Ortiz Piedrahíta Universidad del Pacífico, Colombia Abstract: This paper aims to reflect theoretically on racialized aesthetic models widespread in contemporary societies. To this end, a bibliographic review was performed, upon which we explore and discuss the way how the socio-racial order imposed on the nation from the colonial period on has setup a […]

Presentism vs. historicity in Afrocolombian social revindication: Analysing the use of collective memory by Asociación de Afrocolombianos Desplazados —Afrodes—

Gina Catherine León Cabrera Museo Nacional de Colombia – ICANH Curaduría Antropología e Etnografía, Colombia Abstract: From a constructivist approach to collective action, this paper addresses the political use of collective memory the Asociación de Afrocolombianos Desplazados —Afrodes—, in order to identify continuances, shifts and changes in the historical process of mobilization by the organization’s […]

Politics, Empire and Imperialism: A Critical Enquiry of the Letters of Relation by Hernán Cortés

Luis Adrian Mora Universidad de Costa Rica Abstract: This paper analyzes —through the concepts of political philosophy and decolonial thought— Hernán Cortés’ figure and Letters of relation. I intend to examine how the notions of “empire” and “imperialism” appear on Cortés’ thought and how those notions are a first sketch of modern politics in […]

Spectral interventions (or variations on sieging)

Leticia Katzer Conicet-IADIZA Centro Científico Tecnológico, Mendoza, Argentina Alejandro De Oto Conicet-Incihusa, Centro Científico Tecnológico, Mendoza, Argentina Abstract: Deconstruction has enthralled a significant portion of political thought and aroused a revival within epistemology. This essay aims to identify two key concepts in the subject / alterity relationship, namely, “ghost” and “specter”, in order to rethink […]

Living well together —Between utopia and reality

Kepa Artaraz Brighton University, UK Melania Calestani Universidad de Southampton, UK Abstract: Dominant paradigms of wellbeing continue to struggle to make sense of what this term means. Equally, policy makers struggle to make dominant visions of wellbeing a reality. This paper examines the understanding of wellbeing recently adopted by the Bolivian constitution. High […]

Social Ties and Survival in Japan’s “Temples of Refuge”:Exploring Influences on Homelessness among Yoseba Day Laborers in Tokyo

Matthew D. Marr Florida International University, USA Abel Valenzuela, Jr. University of California, Los Angeles, USA Abstract: Day labor is often described as unstructured, rendering unclear its capacity to serve as a trap in homelessness or a step up into the formal economy. We explore this issue by describing the factors that influence […]

Racism, racial democracy, mestizaje and sex/gender relations

Peter Wade University of Manchester, UK Abstract: Latin American ideologies and practices of mestizaje contain within them dynamics of equality and difference and of racial democracy and racism at the same time. I explore how this simultaneous co-existence operates in large part through complex entanglements of sexuality, gender and race/ethnicity, which take place at […]

In the background of our culture: the rationalistic tradition and the problem of ontological dualism

Arturo Escobar University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Abstract: This paper performs a reading of the Western rationalistic (Cartesian, abstract) tradition based on the phenomenological framework on cognition and computation advanced by Maturana, Varela and Flores. Ontological dualism is analyzed, particularly its effects on prevalent beliefs on the individual, economy, the objective science, and […]