Leticia Katzer
Conicet-IADIZA Centro Científico Tecnológico, Mendoza, Argentina

Alejandro De Oto
Conicet-Incihusa, Centro Científico Tecnológico, Mendoza, Argentina


Deconstruction has enthralled a significant portion of political thought and aroused a revival within epistemology. This essay aims to identify two key concepts in the subject / alterity relationship, namely, “ghost” and “specter”, in order to rethink the role of ontology in the modern colonial political dimensions. Thus, we briefly expose ghostly formulations lurking in coloniality, in order to do which we discuss ethnographic writing and anti-colonial Fanon’s writings amidst a friendly conversation with some of Derrida’s texts. We believe developing spectrology opens a new perspective to read intercultural relations in modern world where conflict and agency are at stake.

Keywords: Specters, ghosts, ontology, modernity, coloniality.