Alexander Pérez Álvarez
Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia


This reflection is the result of a semiotic approach to discourses and practices by dwellers and visitors to Getsemani neighborhood in the city of Cartagena. A context historically besieged by slashing exclusionary practices, and more recently by accelerated territorial urbanizing and corporatization processes, that have increasingly been disrupting its inhabitants’ daily lives. This research seeks to “capture” realities through voices, images and narratives from subjects living or moving around the neighborhood in order to unveil urban imaginaries. Likewise there is a desire to rescue an “erotic” dimension to this neighborhood, which purpose is nothing else but let us to get seduced by the multiples meanings that we as readers get from the metaphorical woof woven by urban discourses, where ludic and symbolic powers transcend market interests and space structural functionality.

Keywords: urban imaginaries, neighborhood as urban space, intangible heritage.