Gina Catherine León Cabrera
Museo Nacional de Colombia – ICANH
Curaduría Antropología e Etnografía, Colombia


From a constructivist approach to collective action, this paper addresses the political use of collective memory the Asociación de Afrocolombianos Desplazados —Afrodes—, in order to identify continuances, shifts and changes in the historical process of mobilization by the organization’s leaders. To this effect, the categories of collective memory, framing processes and collective action repertoires to position such a use of memory within political frameworks of opportunity in which Afrodes locates their demands. As a result, the importance of mobilising actors is shown, in that they are redefining —within a scope of action more or less constrained— the meaning of Afro-Colombian ethnicity.

Keywords: Afro-colombian groups, collective memory, Afrodes, forced displacement.