Issue 23

On how Moises Banquett and Orlando Fals Borda talk about ANUC

Valentina Pernett, Georgetown University

The great-great-grandfather in the shade of the leader. Testimonial effects and shortcomings of Mier’s voice in Orlando Fals Borda’s El presidente Nieto

Jafté Dilean Robles Lomelí, Georgetown University

From the ethnographic to the theological-political: Ecumenical research-action by La Rosca among protestant communities in Córdoba, Colombia

Alfredo Ignacio Poggi, Georgetown University

El hombre hicotea and the ecology of waterscapes in Resistencia en el San Jorge

Douglas McRae, Georgetown University

Literature and politics in Jegua’s “rebuilding” in Resistencia en el San Jorge. Reading Orlando Fals Borda’s personal archives

Nohora Alejandra Arrieta Fernández, Georgetown University

Towards an inter-epistemic and decolonial dialogue between Western and non-Western feminists

Tijana Limic, Universidad de Granada

The field of studies on history of anthropology in Argentina: current outlook and debates

María Julia Name. Universidad de Buenos Aires

Dismantling rural territorial development (RTD) in Latin America

Gabriel Rodrígues Lópes, University of Nairobi

The other side of sustainable regional development

Tadeo H. Sanabria A. Fundación Universidad de América

Foucaultian inflections on control society

Iván Torres Apablaza, Universidad Andrés Bello

Minors swinging between continents. Cartographies of gender oppression among African girls migrating to Spain

Esther Torrado, Universidad de La Laguna

Decolonizing knowledge —Social intervention in a Mapuche context

Gianinna Muñoz Arce, Universidad Alberto Hurtado

“I am God’s instrument”. An ethnographic look into charisma in Argentine contemporary Catholicism

Ana Lucía Olmos Álvarez, Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda

Relics, sacraments and holy deaths: notes for understanding a treshold body. Case studies in Colonial America, 17th-18th centuries

Lily Jiménez, King’s College

Supermarket and research in Latin America

Pablo García Arias, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana