Nohora Arrieta Fernández
Georgetown University, USA


In Resistencia en el San Jorge, the third volume of Historia doble de la Costa, Orlando Fals Borda rebuilds peasant struggles in Jegua. By personifying the hombre-hicotea, Fals depicts the ways of peasant endurance, which requires, just like hicotea, a huge degree of adaptation and very subtle forms of response. The present essay intends to rebuild some features of the dialogue between Fals and two primary sources (the interviews to peasants and El río San Jorge by Luis Striffler), in order to visualize the reverse of the argumentative process through which the author tried to rewrite a history of resistance for peasants at Jegua.

Keywords: Orlando Fals Borda, Resistencia en el San Jorge, Historia doble de la Costa, Luis Striffler, peasant struggles, endurance.