Ana Lucía Olmos Álvarez
Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda y Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas IDAES/UNSAM, Argentina


Charisma, its definition and scope, made up a cross-cutting issue for social sciences during the 20th century, as they aimed to explain processes where individual features and supernatural sources of knowledge and power were overlapping. This processes were the base of social relations. This article intends to bring new views to these discussions, analyzing them in the context of contemporary Argentine catholicism. Specifically, the analysis focuses in a healing movement that was conceived by an Asian-in-origin Catholic priest. We will explore these issues departing from an analysis of the elements configuring the figure of the leader as exceptional, and conferring meanings to the experience of joining his followers: place of origin, physical traits and magical features.

Keywords: Charisma, catholicism, leadership, healing.