Issue 36

Anthropologist Ms. Susana Jaramillo Arbeláez: A Life Devoted to Research, Listening, Respect, and Dialogue

Luis Carlos Villegas Rodríguez, Universidad de Medellín, Colombia

Offerings, Exchanges, and Other Modes of Relation in Contemporary Indigenous Cosmologies in the Isthmo-Colombian Area

Mònica Martínez Mauri, Universitat de Barcelona, España y Ernst Halbmayer, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Deutschland

The Cosmic Division of Earthly Labors. Interaction Between Human and Non-Human in Ette Agriculture

Juan Camilo Niño Vargas, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Flowing Vitalities: Paying, Offering, and Feeding Original Beings Among I’ku People

Jose Arenas Gómez, Universidade de Brasília, Brasil

The structure that sustains life: nourishment and exchange among the Kogi

Falk Parra Witte, Tairona Heritage Trust, UK / Unitec, Colombia

Exchanges Between Humans and Trees in the Isthmo-Colombian Area: Ethnographic Contributions from Gunayala (Panama)

Mònica Martínez Mauri, Universitat de Barcelona, España

Exchange, caretaking, and being human: Shamanism and the haaihí jëeu nʌm ritual among Wounaan in Panamá

Julia Velásquez Runk, University of Georgia & Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, USA

Exchanges and Resilience Among Embera from Chocó, Colombia

Mauricio Pardo, Universidad de Caldas, Colombia

“All Within the Same Thought”: Embera People Relations with Sacred Places in Polines and Yaberaradó Reservations in Chigorodó (Antioquia)

Javier Rosique-Gracia; Aída Gálvez-Abadía; Sandra Turbay, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
Nataly Domicó; Arnulfo Domicó; Plinio Chavarí; Justico Domicó, Cabildo Mayor Indígena de Chigorodó, Colombia
Fernando A. Alzate; José Fernando Navarro; Sneider Rojas-Mora,Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

Blood and the Logic of Gift among Pume of Venezuela. A Feminine Model of Cosmos

Gemma Orobitg, Universitat de Barcelona, España

Shifts in the Relations Between Wayuu and Yolujaa as a Result of Evangelical Christian Beliefs

Barbara Kazianka, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Deutschland

Receiving the Armadillo’s Song: Oneiric Knowledge Transmission Between an Armadillo and a Wise Woman in Sokorpa, Yukpa Territory in Northern Colombia

Anne Goletz, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Deutschland

Dancing newborns, subduing enemies, becoming warriors: the children’s dance as source of vitality, strength and resistance among the Yukpa

Ernst Halbmayer, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Alemania

Pluriversal Politics: The Real and the Possible in Contemporary Latin American Critical Thought and Struggles

Arturo Escobar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

The World-System Beyond 1492: Modernity, Christianity, and Coloniality: An Approach to the Decolonial Historiographic Turn

José Romero Losacco, Centro de Estudios de las Transformaciones Sociales (IVIC), Venezuela