José Romero Losacco
Centro de Estudios de las Transformaciones Sociales (IVIC), Venezuela


“The world-system beyond 1492: Modernity, christianity, and coloniality” proposes to value the shortcomings of decolonial historiography stemming from the legacy received by the research program developed by I. Wallerstein. It intends to address open issues emerging from the mapping focused in the Northwestern section of the Mediterranean See. This approach to the Decolonial Historiographic Turn, I will assess how the world-systems analysis is addressed in Walter Mignolo, Enrique Dussel, and Ramón Grosfoguel’s works, in order tho show how the challenges, omissions, and/or attempts to solve the debates on the world-system notion have derived in questions that leave the former decolonial turn overcome by Euro-centrism.

Keywords: world-systems, modernity, coloniality, decoloniality, global history.