Issue 13

Creativity as a practice for total brain development

Bertha Marlén Velásquez-Burgos, Nahyr Remolina de Cleves y María Graciela Calle-Márquez, Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia

Praxis or research: dilemmas of a profession building itself as a science

Uva Falla Ramírez, Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia

The role of lexical metaphore in science divulgation

Clarena Muñoz Dagua, Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia

Waking from sleep: Walter Benjamin and the shock issue

Guido Vespucci, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina

The bodily experience through images. World perception, production of meaning and subjectivity

Ana D'Angelo, Conicet – Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina

The bodily experience through images. World perception, production of meaning and subjectivity

Ana D’Angelo Conicet – Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina Abstract: This paper views body as a receptor and producer of cultural meanings from the anthropological and sociological perspectives. It intends to reflect on the effect of media images on corporeality in contemporary societies. The double dimension is moved, as far as we are […]

Towards a decolonial pedagogy: between openings, quests and possibilities

Cristhian James Díaz M., Universidad de La Salle, Colombia

Overlapping territorialities, sovereignty in dispute: empirical lessons from Latin America

John Agnew University of California, UCLA, USA Ulrich Oslender Florida International University, USA Abstract: Recent debates in political geography have questioned the Nation-state idealized sovereignty as rigidly linked to the notion of a transparent territoriality, clearly marked in space by stablished borders. Sovereignty has no need to assume this particular form. This paper […]

Trajectories of blackness: an open reading of the encounters that produce contingent definitions of lo negro in Latin America

Roosbelinda Cárdenas González University of California, Santa Cruz, USA Abstract: This article traces a genealogy of the concept of blackness in Latin America by reviewing historical and anthropological literature that, though not always centrally concerned with the production of blackness, nonetheless reveals how ideas about blackness have traveled across time and space. I begin […]

Between Indianness, Blackness, and Incaness: The Spatial Hierarchies of Difference Behind Peru’s Multicultural Curtain

Shane Greene Indiana University, USA Abstract: This article examines the trials and tribulations of a recent state-led program of afro-indigenous multiculturalism in Peru within a much broader intellectual history of the nation, its regions, and the ideologies that govern them. In contrast to broadly comparative accounts of afro-descendant and indigenous politics at the regional […]

A history of spaces, a history of powers: towards a genealogy of public space notion

Jorge Eliécer Martínez P. Universidad de la Salle, Colombia Abstract: This paper addresses the notion of public space. Following Michel Foucault’s statement that “making a history of spaces would be, at the same time, making a history of powers”, a genealogy of this notion is presented, which accounts for a history of the diverse […]

Conceptual, political and territorial reframings among Indigenous communities’ claims for autonomy in Colombia

Astrid Ulloa Universidad Nacional de Colombia Abstract: In Colombia, Indigenous peoples’ basic demands include: autonomy and self-determination. However, autonomic dynamics led by various peoples on territorial control, their own jurisdical practices, plans of life, environmental management and food sovereignty consolidation pose challenges and issues. Indigenous peoples’ autonomy is influenced and related to local and […]

The biocentric path: intrinsic values, Nature rights and ecological justice

Eduardo Gudynas Centro Latino Americano de Ecología Social (CLAES), Uruguay Abstract: The main conceptual approaches and social and political practices advocating for Nature as a subject of rights are reviewed here, in opposition to conventional approaches understanding Nature as a mere human-being-dependent object of appraisal. Contributions on environment intrinsic values are analysed here, as […]

Ruling Internally displaced people: problems and frictions in an emerging worldwide issue

Juan Ricardo Aparicio Universidad de los Andes, Colombia Abstract: This paper analyzes the conditions of possibility for the emergence of Internally Displaced People (IDP) as a new worldwide issue. By tracing the major events behind this issue, this paper turns around the shaping of the discourse formation itself. Methodologically, it combines discourse analysis with […]