Cristhian James Díaz M.
Universidad de La Salle, Colombia


This paper starts from constructs and reflections produced in the context of the modernity/coloniality program, aiming to ask questions and open enquiries that help to outline the conditions of possibility around a decolonial pedagogy. Thus, several points of reflection and problematization are presented in order to start a discussion opening a dialog between pedagogical learnings and ideas coming fom the so-called decolonial turn. As this texts shows, to think a decolonial pedagogy implies to critically understand history, to reposition emancipatory teaching practices and to decenter the colonial epistemic approach. Consequently, reflections developed around those three aspects intend to contribute to create a reflexive agenda opening new horizons of problematization and discussion on the meaning of challenging power and knowledge coloniality in educational environments.

Keywords: decolonial pedagogy, power and knowledge coloniality, knowledge relationship.