Nelson Maldonado-Torres
University of California, Berkeley, USA


This article outlines two issues related to the decolonialization of the being and of knowledge. The first topic deals with the current validity of decolonialization, and the second one with the idea of a decolonial turn. This second topic entails the discussion about the idea of decolonialization, whose origin can be found within the horror facing the “world of death” created by colonialization. This scandal or horror is also the central basis for what the author considers the decolonial attitude. This attitude is the principal foundation for an ethical-political stance and theory that proposes new bases for knowledge, considered the decolonial reason. The decolonial attitude as well as the reason are fundamental parts of what is here presented as decolonial turn, which proposes that decolonialization (and not modernity) is a project that is not yet accomplished on a global level.

Keywords: decolonial turn, decolonial attitude, coloniality, racism, decolonial reason, decolonialization