María Lugones
Binghamton University, USA


This article investigates the intersectionality between race, class, gender and sexuality with the objective to understand the worrying indifference that men show towards the violence that is systematically perpetrated against women of color, in other words, non-white women that are victims of the coloniality of power and, inseparably, of the coloniality of gender. The article follows the tradition of thought of colored women that have created critical analysis of hegemonic feminism, precisely by ignoring the intersectionality of race/ class/sexuality/gender. It tries to understand the way in which this male indifference is constructed, in order to transform it into something that becomes unavoidable and has to be recognized by those who are involved in liberating fights. The article also discusses a different approach, quite distinct from occidental feminisms, of understanding patriarchy from the coloniality of gender. The author invites us to think about the cartography of global power from what she calls the Modern/Colonial System of Gender.

Keywords: feminism of color, coloniality of gender, intersectionality, intersexuality, Modern/ Colonial System of Gender