Robert Ojeda Pérez
Academia de Historia de Bogotá, Colombia


This article intends to uncover how the city of Santafé was supplied in the days before the independence. As a reference, we use the store of José González Llorente, a Spanish merchant who supplied the society of the capital with various consumer goods, and who was a protagonist in the fight of July 20th of 1810. We intend to provide more information for the cultural study of the society of Santafé, at the height of the commemorations of the independence bicentennial. We will analyze the commercial networks, supply of merchandise to be sold in shops, markets and local stores. This information was obtained from inventories of those stores, sales registers and loading lists of products.

Keywords: supply, production, communication, stores, Santafé, consume, colonial history, independence

Keywords plus: Bogotá (Colombia) – social conditions, Bogotá (Colombia) – comerse, Bogotá (Colombia) – centenarios.