David Slater
Loughborough University, UK


The global objective of these exploratory notes is to open the debate about certain important aspects of the intersections between power, knowledge and geopolitics, and doing so in the context of the resurgence of imperial visions and the urgent need for a decolonialization of the imagination. The analytical terrain is vast, and the paths of thought outlined here represent an attempt to contribute to an actual series of studies and investigative projects that challenge old and new forms of colonial and imperial perspective. Based on a first and brief exploration of power, knowledge and geopolitics, the study values the importance of the critical in critical knowledge in order to, subsequently, refute the predominance of Euro-American thought, to arrive at a final observation about the importance of colonial and imperial power.

Keywords: power/knowledge, geopolitics, critical thinking, colonial/imperial difference

Key words plus: social movements, indians movements – Latin America