Eduardo Restrepo
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia


Eventualization and problematization are categories proposed by Foucault that have not had the same impact as others of his concepts, such as biopolitics, governmentality, and genealogy. Whereas the latter notions have become part of the contemporary theoretical imaginary (mostly in the United States) and are used in multiple ways, the implications of the categories of eventualization and problematization have remained largely unexplored. This paper will examine both of these categories showing their implications on questions of method. Particularly relevant are the criticism of historical presentism and metaphysical inquiry from the perspective of eventualization; and the critique of textualist and mentalist approaches from that of problematization.

Keywords: eventualization, problematization, historical presentism, metaphysical inquiry, Foucault.

Keywords plus: Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984, criticism and interpretation, metaphysics.