Ramon Grosfoguel
University of California, Berkeley (USA)


Despite appearances, the United States Empire finds itself in an accelerated decay. There are many fights, such as anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-patriarchic taking place in the interior of this empire, invisible to the peoples that live through the ominous consequences in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Middle East. This article presents the dilemmas that the United States empire faces related to the growth of the Latin populations and the decolonialization from its interior. In a few decades, white people in the United States will be a demographic minority. Current racial minorities will be the majorities; Latinos will be the majority of the minority groups. The empire is struggling with new forms of apartheid (neoapartheid) and de-colonization of white supremacy. Because of their strategic importance, the upcoming fights will be acute and defining for the future of all humanity.

Keywords: De-colonialization, latinos, United States Empire