Adriana María Ruiz Gutiérrez
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia

Melannie Barrios Gil
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Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia


Power is more than a clash between oppressing and resisting forces. Beyond restraining bodies, power shapes subjectivities, by grabbing their memory, attention, and uniqueness. Governmentality makes use of control and subtle handling of both physical, symbolic, and discursive aspects, by confining population. Inside and outside (the school, the factory, the prison, the hospital, and becoming), are managed by virtue of the repetition that hinders our self-invention. Discipline and biopower operate as techniques of confinement of the social ensemble, and, more specifically, of a wide segment labelled as dangerous to security. Both are producers of subjectivities and enclosed spaces. This happens with prisoners in jails and penitentiary facilities. But here the instant of behavioral variation bursts into the scene, too and despite everything, momentarily subverting the establishment and reproduction of chronological time, the time of confinement.

Keywords: Prison, discipline, Michel Foucault, security, governmentality.