Martha Arana
Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia
Universidad Simón Bolívar de Venezuela


This article reflects on science and technology in our contemporary society, their achievements for the well-being of humankind and potential risk factors; the necessity of promoting knowledge of scientific-technological advances; and the importance of promoting changes in the University due to knowledge advance. It highlights the urgency of creating new relationships between science and investigation, science and technology, and basic investigation and applied investigation for development. The work emphasizes the current process of consilience that is aimed at overcoming separation of some disciplines and between socio-humanistic and scientific-technological cultures. It draws on several studies to expose aspects of scientific and technological image, present in developed countries, Latin America and Colombia. The article presents the primary characteristics and current foci of scientific, technological and sociological study as a possible basis and alternative for scientific and technological education for higher education settings.

Keywords: Scientific education, technology, science, technology and society, images of science and technology, consilience.