Too often, Southern feminisms, including Islamic feminisms, consider the feminist movement as an ahistorical, universal and natural phenomenon. Also, it is deemed an intrinsecal sign of progress. Subjugation is so strong that Muslim feminists —for instance— do not doubt to incur in historic anachronisms looking to inscribe feminism in the genesis of Islamic history. Thus, all the dignity of Islam is subdued by those militants’ ability to show Islam is feminist in the letter, and sexist in the reading local patriarchate does of it. One single gap in that rhetorical construction: feminism as a political movement did not exist at the time of revelation. This, upon their eyes, is no more than a pattern of measure for modernity, and renders Islam —a religion preceding feminism in time— its tributary.

Keywords: Decolonial feminism, triple oppression, oppression on male gender, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde.