This article aims to ponder on phrenology’s discipline plotting from an anthropologicalhistorical perspective, being phrenology a threshold from which to discuss the intellectual influence it had in Argentina. By recovering a series of case studies on this field in Argentina, we will illustrate the theoretical senses underlying the practice of anthropometric measurements and physiognomic associations as their research methodology; we will attempt to highlight some particulars followed by phrenology on the national scenario. In order to do that, we will provide a description of the field of phrenology at that time; we will recover contemporary contributions made through research on this issue, and will try to articulate the outcomes given by previous theoretical-conceptual analyses along with the contributions given by the information provided in the new case under analysis. To conclude, we will present some final reflections on the events analysed expecting to advance several heuristic devices to guide future research in this field.

Keywords: Argentina, 19th century, historical anthropology, phrenology.