In the research work on “Imaginaries among peddlers in Bogotá’s transportation system”, being developed at Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, one can note that when studying language in a context, a lexical item may change or get a deeper meaning as a result of the cultural and ideological situation it works in. This is the case of peddlers, in whose discourse targeting commercial exchange, the choice of certain lexical-grammatical resources and the use of a rhetorical method become key strategies to ensure day-to-day survival. Within the framework of Halliday’s social semiotics, and based upon a corpus of 65 sheets, this paper presents a thematic analysis, showing stereotypes that are crystallized on the dynamic of the mercantile act, along with iterations in opening, development and closing formulae that are observed in the rhetorics of rebusque.

Keywords: Peddler, rebusque, rhetorical formula, social semiotics, thematic analysis.