Rosana Guber


Ten years after having concluded the british-argentinean conflict in 1982, known as the Falklands War, narratives about meetings between army members who had been direct contenders began to come out to public. Those meetings, which were desired, sought-after and willful meetings, and which would later become friendship relationships, included three argentinean pilots from a-4b skyhawk weapon system belonging to the 5th Group of air Force Fighter Planes, and aeronautic staff or personnel on board from Great britain. This paper intends to understand how those former argentinean and british soldiers gave a meaning to their encounters, how they positioned each other and in relation to their roles in the battle, and which were their reflections on post-war. This paper states that in those (re)encounters their players actualized, through friendship, a honorific relation of equality they had displayed in the battle, which ended up with the argentinean defeat.

Key words: Malvinas/Falklands, air force, war, honor, friendship.