Yasser Farrés Delgado 
Universidad de Granada, España

Alberto Matarán Ruiz
Universidad de Granada, España


In defining panoptism, Foucault was demonstrating spatial conceptions contain power issues. That view may be useful to establish interdisciplinary dialogues so as to build a critical theory on the contemporary notions of territory, city and architecture, but this is not enough to exhaust the complexity of hegemonic relations contained in the processes of shaping human life spaces. That is why this paper wants to present the concept of territorial coloniality, so as to open a debate on the good choices and the restraints of Foucault’s theory on space, where knowledge and power are pivotal categories, but it has a scant or null allusion to issues on the coloniality of being exerted by the Western subject. This proposal is based on the analysis of a case in La Habana.

Keywords: Foucault, panoptism, power, territorial coloniality, metropoli deterritorialization, La Habana, socialism, capitalism.