Mario Domínguez Sánchez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España


In avoiding modern and contemporary political philosophy’s dicomotized abstractions, Michel Foucault has not intended to rebuild a transcendental, rational and normative whole, or rationally legitimate values, but to study the practices themselves in a given society, and the changes they generate. Stressing the individual’s self-shaping practices displays in front of us a whole dynamic view of subject and freedom, which make up an inverse face of «docile bodies», or those of the subject emerged from the grid power/ knowledge. Foucault’s genealogy may be broadened to demonstrate liberalism is a set of practices for subject constitution. It is a liberalism, which —after creating the police program to produce person categories—, is able to provide the conditions necessary for the game of freedom and to regulate behavior in terms of corporativity.

Keywords: political philosophy, governmentality, liberalism, power, subjectivity.