Hugo Busso
Universidad Paris 8 – U.B.A


Current biopolitical challenges prompt us to look for creative responses to the ‘worldsystem’ crisis and for alternatives to modern philosophical representation. Crisis and representation, that from the philosophy of liberation suggest leaving aside modern-colonial anchors, which are marked out as philosophical hindrances bringing bio-logical/political and social consequences, that are criticized and labeled as Eurocentrism. In order to approach the situation, not from an impossible outside, but from the outside fold, we propose a conceptual character, linked to the Pre-hispanic tradition, the wizard-shaman-medicine man, who invite us to approach the questions and challenges proposed, essaying to think the decolonial possibilities of a critical philosophy in Latin America. To that effect, in our conjectures and arguments we have proposed to include Deleuze and Guattari’s contributions in the paradigm of complexity, the concept of rhizome, as well as the alternative heuristic-cognitive strategies (analectic, transmodern) to the Euro-centric modernity’s paradigms of philosophy.

Keywords: Eurocentrism, modernity, conceptual character, subject, transmodernity.