Joaquín Molano Barrero
Universidad Nacional de Colombia


The institutionalization of science is linked to our dependence and our misery. It has its projection on research, docency, geopolitical control and the expropriation of our resources. This article analyzes the social sciences in relation to other disciplines and areas of knowledge, taking as element of convergence the human dimension. This reflection suggests ideas to begin to understand the nature of what is human in relation to others, and “the other”. It invites to think about personal and collective life from the profound instances of wisdom and spirituality. This intentionality surges from the difficulty that social sciences have endured within the scientific paradigm of modernity. It is no longer of value to continue to inscribe social knowledge in the framework of formalization of science. This has led to very high costs, such as the loss of ancestrality, identity and construction of life and freedom scenarios. Science has closed the horizon of “the social”, with a critical attitude and essential values. Social values are essential in education and form part of the compromise of all pedagogic action, consistent with assuming life consciously, to create among ourselves an existence with a sense of belonging and humanity. It is impossible to grow without a good dose of justice, wisdom, food (love) and self-awareness.

Keywords: Social sciences, human dimension, knowledge, education, wisdom, formation, science.