Víctor R. Yáñez Pereira
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6963-236X
Universidad Autónoma de Chile


This paper calls us to understand we are the builders of history, and at the same time, we are built by history. Therefore, the intersection of Social Work and time gives us the possibility to go through our historic flux on an ongoing basis. This allows us translate the historical significance of singular experiences in a disciplinary text fully and constantly being carried out, lacking predefined coordinates or prescriptive endings. This issue amounts to retaking present time as a confluence of past and future journeys, as an outcome of creating work of social workers in the thriving space of the social. That is the course, steadily discontinuous, imposing a break between traditional and contemporary items. Up there a crossroads is split into two, arising again and again, the question for our disciplinary identity, since it encompasses all that is available here and now for reflection and criticism, that is, memory and history. Thus we dare to question this universe of meanings and symbolic-materials acknowledgements, which we continue to build life after life as an inter-generational heritage, which we are calling there disciplinary cosmology.

Keywords: disciplinary cosmology, identity, history, memory, social work.