Leticia Katzer
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo-Conicet, Argentina


This paper puts forward—at the crossroads of and in line with deconstruction, Foucault’s thinking, post-colonial criticism, the anthropology of nature and political ecology—an examination of the risks of epistemic individuation hidden in the more open formulations on modern/colonial subjectivity. We show a specific reading of these theoretical corpora within an anthropological-philosophical framework, and make inroads in the epistemological potential of this reading in exploring the field of ethno politics. Understanding said field as a “domain of knowledge,” this work is an effort to inquire into and analyze epistemological and legal-administrative formulations through a critical review of their assumptions, and an analysis of their effects on the forms of communalization in communal life.

Keywords: ethno-politics, communal life, deconstruction, biopolitics, postcolonial criticism.