Mirta Alejandra Antonelli
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina


This article discusses the environmental disaster caused in the Veladero mine, which operates Canada’s Barrick Gold, as implosion of the core model of the mega-metalliferous mining in Argentina, which has had the “religion and belief” to the mountainous province of San Juan. We analyze here the narrative of promises holding dominant discourses, those who make a control of possible worlds for the generation of beliefs, ideas, values. From a social discourse approaches, on the horizons of biopolitics, this article focuses on some macro strategies of legitimation and consecration rituals, with special emphasis on those who are taxed to consolidate the absolute refractory character of “responsible mining” as well as to maintain the validity of the powerful invention overall “sustainable development” as dogmatic truth, the mystery of faith.

Keywords: biopolitics, large-scale mining, rhetorical strategies, ritual discourses, doctrine.