Eduardo Gudynas
ID ORCID: 5151-9406
Centro Latinoamericano de Ecología Social (CLAES), Uruguay, Uruguay


An array of metaphors, analogies and images on current extractivisms across Latin America, as expressions of the devil, satans and related concepts are discussed. It is argued that some cases reach extremes leading to an extractive malice, which is then naturalized and accepted by broad social sectors. Various ways to legitimize extractivisms, and minimizing and hiding their impacts are up and running, no matter how serioustheir environmental, social and economic effects are.Each case is illustrated with examples seen all over Latin America.Also, the role of heresies —such as recovering the ability to resist and look for alternative options to extractivisms— is supported. Post-extractivist alternatives intend to recover the role of ethics (including manifold valuations and values inherent to Nature), resetting moral frameworks, and enlarging justice so as to not to get caught in economism.

Keywords: extractivism, devil, rights, violence, social impacts, environmental impacts, development.