Sandra del Pilar Gómez Contreras
Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia


The social question is informed as a category in the study of social work. In order to understand the social issue and articulate it with it, there is the need to depart from the analysis of historic-social events dating from the 19th century, which not only lead on its emergence, but on the development of social work itself as a profession. Therefore, we intend to highlight the conditions in which social work emerges and develops, the sociohistorical context where the relationship established with the manifestations of the social issue, its relation to this one and the bourgeois order. This is required if the strict link to social work protoform is to be desmitified. Similarly, one of the angles of the social issue is retaken, which Castel calls charity care, since it allows us to understand the philantropic care component, that has been ascribed to the profession from its beginnings.

Keywords: social question, social work, social service, social care.