Lorena Manzini Marchesi
Instituto de Ciencias Humanas Sociales y ambientales INCIHUSA.
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones científicas Técnicas CONICET.
Centro Científico Tecnológico CCT CONICET Mendoza, Argentina.


Countryside landscape in the department of Maipu is characterized for integrating heterogeneity and active dynamism, typical of the farming productive activity. It has elements that clarify its character, but there others that contribute to its banalization. Within this framework, this paper reflects upon what is the boundary between the new elements in countryside landscape that are the result of the evolutionary process of adaptation to this time’s economic, technical and social changes, and those responding to a banalization of landscape. Also, how to detect the elements that are transforming landscape’s features up to some banalization, within a dynamic and heterogeneous landscape framework. In view of this, the hypothesis that the landscape’s historical dimension allows to detect and confront banalization, since the conceptual dimension —historical dimension versus landscape banalization— can be used as a tool for analysis.

Keywords: countryside landscape, historic dimension, banalization, landscape character.