Javier Reynaldo Romero Flores
Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y ambientales, UDCA, Colombia


This paper delves into the understanding of coloniality and intends to prove, as a hypothesis, a potential itinerary that helps recover the celebratory sense of life, which is embedded in today’s feastful processes and practices, which were inherited from the Ancestral Horizon in the Sacred Uru Mountains, in Oruro, Bolivia. Our account arises from our own feastful geopolitically and corpo-politically-located festing experience. Our reasoning moves up from a colonial moment, where the demonization of the celebratory, to the Republican epoch when, besides demonization, there is also some commercialization of the celebratory. It emphasizes on coloniality, from what is demonized as “idolatry” and what is commercialized as a merchandise, deployed by the modernity/coloniality project.

Keywords: “carnival”, de-colonization, celebration, celebratory dynamics, demonization, commercialization, Oruro-Bolivia.