Jorge Eliécer Martínez Posada
Universidad de la Salle, Colombia


This piece of writing focuses on the question about criticism in visibilizing subjectivities, which is based in today’s history rather than past history, in terms of present, that is, understanding emergencies, displays and transformations that have made up our present —«a critical ontology of the present time», consisting in the eventualization, problematizacion and fictionalization, which are considered in the research on subjectivities. In sum, this paper provides some methodological elements to address subjectivities. As a music melody, this work is presented with an introit, as an introduction, and four movements, namely, first: “The point of departure is ontologic!”, second “Problematization —an exercise to ask about the unexpected!”, third, “Eventualization is thinking of history in discontinuous terms!”, four: “Fictionalizing is challenging!”, and lastly a coda: “Criticism as an aesthetic attitude in existence!”

Keywords: problematization, eventualization, fictionalization, subjectivity, archaeology-genealogy.