Víctor R. Yáñez Pereira
Universidad Autónoma de Chile


This paper stands on the notion that reality is gradually transforming itself as a weft weaving semantically-loaded things, shaping a discursive density in the spheres of consciousness and language, which unveil the content of truth located in the area of our experiences. We will see that thinking, must translate the rationale of social work in an expression of breaking up with the imposing generalization of ideologizing and deterministic canons, which are contained in old-Europe-tradition 17th century inherited knowledge, which in its modern condition have incrusted and naturalized powerful binary polarizations, as was the case of segregation between the cores of theory and those of praxis, and vice versa. For the same reason, social work must relieve some understanding mediated by questioning a reality that questions it at the same time, as a socio-historical movement. This emerges in the contingent and dynamizing contradiction of contemporary social relations and their conflictive disclosure; “thinking images”, as the product of some semantics weaving the enunciative potential with social workers’ propositional act on phenomena in process, which results in the ability to name all what gives meaning to real opportunities of change or transformation in varied contexts and social spaces.

Keywords: contemporary social work, praxeology, experience, theory-praxis fusion, discourse, objects/images.