Gonzalo Díaz Crovetto
Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile

Mario Samaniego
Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile


In the present paper we will discuss the indiscriminate apogee of the notion of interculturality based on a review of statements, problematizations and reflections from anthropology and philosophy. We propose, at this point, to reveal and challenge conceptual and practical implications that the dissemination of the so-called interculturality may bring about concerning proposals and models for managing social and cultural diversity. In order to do that, we consider important to distinguish, on one hand, some particulars flowing from the anthropological experience in relation to the study and the informing of otherness, and, on the other hand, to discuss, based on philosophy, the need for an existential dimension to dynamize interculturality as a contextual and questioning process. This analysis aims to account for the dangers of essencialization and normalization threatening interculturality as a questioning and transforming practice.

Keywords: interculturality, anthropology, philosophy.