Diana M. Gómez Correal
Universidad Nacional de Colombia


This paper explores the relationship between the agency, culture, politics, and the possibility of transforming reality through the use of a theatrical piece created collectively by a group of young feminist women and the participation of some of the audience members. Starting from an ethnographic work that allowed theoretical reflection to be combined with ordinary practice and “a contribution to the concept of agency,” it was possible to use theater to represent real life situations to motivate the processes of knowledge, sensitization, questioning and reflection, which can lead to personal changes and the creation of alternatives that can influence the reconstruction of symbols. These cultural agencies, political in themselves, permit the advancement of the deconstruction of dominant ideas from a cultural perspective, through questioning of what we believe the principles that constitute our society to be, as well as allowing for the development of new principles. The agency’s potential as both a concept and experience exists in the opportunity it affords for generating new possible actions from the subordinate ones, allowing them to play a role within the existing power relationships.

Keywords: Agency, culture, theater, politics, women, exemplification.