Gonzalo Díaz Crovetto
Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile

Eduardo Restrepo
Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile


The transformations that have taken place in the last two decades in the university world system have implied a series of demands oriented towards what university bureaucracies value as productivity in order to make visible and position, based on a series of indicators, university establishments, in which rankings of the universities and to achieve the accreditations and recognitions of the different academic programs. For anthropologists this has meant a growing undermining of favourable conditions for the production of relevant anthropological knowledge, as well as a blurring of the specificities of our discipline in university environments. Faced with this scenario, this text, coming from a series of exchanges that the authors have carried out in experiences around Latin American and Caribbean anthropologies, seeks to problematize and discuss the constitution of a world university system. From this conception we observe and develop some significant constituent elements, such as: the management models of universities, the structuring conditions around publishing, and the work of anthropology in current university contexts and we close by leaving some challenges and research agendas.

Keywords: University world system, anthropological establishments, work, precariousness, neoliberalism.