Gustavo A. Santana-Perlaza
El Colegio de la Frontera Norte


The present article aims to undermine the implications of race and racism in the shaping of deprivation/privilege, and how this works in the organization of social inequalities in place in Colombia. It approaches the way racial privilege interweaves the existence of non-White people through contempt, violence, and dishonor. Consequently, from an ethnographic view of the author’s experience as non-White, displaced, and a victim of conflict in Cali, he presents a critical reading on racial privileges promoted by racism and its repercussions on racialized, objectified bodies, giving rise to what is called here whiteness command, in order to analyze the normative regime of privileges and their expressions as a sociability framework embedded in the social structure of Whiteness’ modern/colonial project.

Keywords: racism, whiteness, racial privilege, whiteness command, whitening.